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Top Digital Photographers Share Their Best Kept Secrets...

Do you have a passion for digital photography, whether you're completely new or been taking photos before and want to learn how to take better photos and make them POP with professional postwork without spending a fortune?

Then you've come to the right place...



Top photos by Jason White from 2Create. Bottom photo by Tyler Loukatos



Learn Quickly Step By Step

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Hey, I'm Val Cameron, founder of Dreamlight and creator of the Digital Photo Wizard Club.

I'm going to show you exactly how you can grab any digital camera, follow our easy to follow step by step video tutorials and start capturing insanely cool looking photos with ease, starting today!


These are just a few of the comments we receive about Dreamlight tutorials:

"Thanks so much Val! I've learned a LOT! Love the club so far!", Stephanie

"This is gonna be great. I have many of Val's tutorials and my art has improved drastically. I expect this will be no exception.", Randy

"I have made it through the first two videos and I love it already! Can't wait for more!", Stephanie



So, how the heck did I end up teaching digital photo anyway?

As a young kid, I loved walking around with my video and photo camera for hours. Whether it was in the city capturing people, dogs, and beautiful women or in the woods playing with nature, I was totally absorbed by it and even skipped school at times! So, naturally I ended up the adult movie industry and became one of the world's top camera men and video editors, traveling Hollywood and Europe in my early 20's...

...and I've not only had lots of fun, I've gained an incredible amount of experience as far as photography, lighting and image composition goes and I want to share it all with you.


Top photos by M. Scott Eliason. Bottom photo by Val Cameron from Dreamlight

After spending nearly two decades with various cameras, I've learned that it didn't really matter if I had a video camera, a pro digital camera or just about any camera. The same rules applied. Of course, when you spend $10,000 on a camera and lens, you'll be much better equipped to take better photos, but if you lack the basic knowledge and understanding of lighting, camera composition and all the components that go into a great photo, it doesn't really matter anyway.



It would be like racing a sports car without knowing how to drive a car. So yeah, pro cameras and lenses are far superior than other cameras, but having that said, you can create some pretty extraordinary photos with simple cameras, even smart-phones and that's what this club is all about. Plus, you can seriously enhance your photos in a variety of additional photo manipulation software, such as Photoshop or the free Gimp.

We'll guide you what you need if you want to get started and even go pro, so don't worry about any of that. 


The Myth Is True;

Digital Artists Are Multi-Talented, Many Love

Taking Photos, But Lack Proper Training


After seeing things up close in the adult movie industry, what many will never see in their entire lifetime, I fell in love with a blonde and left the industry, only to find a new passion; teaching digital 3D art. My skills behind the camera and lighting came in handy and I quickly gained popularity.

Up to date, I've created hundreds of bestselling tutorials under my own brand Dreamlight, having been teaching and mentoring tens of thousands of digital artists for almost a decade and a half...

But after a while, I've noticed that the myth is quite true. Digital artists are indeed multi-talented, and although many love taking photos, they lack proper training.

Photo by Jason White from 2Create

And, that's why I've opened the doors to the Digital Photo Wizard Club, where I'm using the exact same teaching style that has made Dreamlight so popular, and that truly helps artists get better results quickly, while having fun.




Photos by Jason White from 2Create

You're herby invited to a place where pro's and beginner's meet in perfect harmony. There are no stupid questions, only a helpful atmosphere. We treat artists with respect, and focus on fun. Just like it should be...

Which brings us to...


How And Why Does It Work?


That's a great question, one I'm very happy to answer... See, having been teaching for so long, I know what works and what doesn't. I know that people won't improve their skills just by watching a video or two. It takes practice. But it also takes a supportive environment, a place where you can feel safe, where you can ask questions and get inspired.


A place where you can be among likeminded photographers and feel at HOME.



Top 3 photos by M. Scott Eliason. Bottom photo by Jason White from 2Create


But that's not enough. I've blended several teachers in our Digital Photo Wizard Club, not just because the more the merrier, but because people all learn and pick up things differently. Each teacher has its own style of taking photos, and teaching, which greatly enhances your experience and shortens your learning curve, since you can quickly find what is YOU in way that works for you.


We also know that growing as an artist, expanding and becoming more is a never ending journey. You're never really "done" or finished. It's ongoing. That's why our environment supports both quick growth, and growth over time.


As a member of our unique club, you'll get your hands on weekly video tutorials that we know will enhance your photos and postwork quickly. We know our tutorials change artist lives, since we get emails and comments each and every day just how helpful they are. 


These are just a few of the comments we receive about Dreamlight tutorials:

"Dreamlight's lighting training is exactly how I would teach someone to do lighting. The expert advice is obviously derived from years of practical experience. Having someone to show you how to light and then explain why things work is the fastest way to truly learn the in's and out's of this essential skill.",

Michael Ambruso - Professional 3D Artist

"Your class has improved both my understanding of lighting, and my confidence in my ability to light my scenes and produce art I can be proud of. I have found your class to be well-designed, intelligent, and if you'll excuse the expression, illuminating.",

Angela Knight - 3D artist, New York Times bestselling author



What Makes The Digital Photo

Wizard Club Unique?


Why would you actually spend money on our club, when there's so much free information out there? Two main reasons... For starter, our tutorials are unique, we're only talking about still cameras, but also use video cameras to help you see things happen live in front of the camera and even 3D art to help you learn digital photography in a fun and relaxed way. We also blend several teachers inside the club, plus we'll have interviews with professional photographers giving you a blend of input, helping you find your own style.

Top photo and bottom center photo by M. Scott Eliason. Bottom left and bottom right photo by Val Cameron from Dreamlight

Second, you get to actually meet our professional photographers in our upcoming friendly Facebook group, ask questions, hang around and get inspired. Have you ever tried to contact a pro photographer or ask them questions? Exactly, as a member of our Digital Photo Wizard Club, you'll get help in a calm and fun atmosphere.

Don't worry if you're completely new, or feel confused by all the information available. Take one video at the time, implement what you learn and ask for feedback.

And that's exactly what awaits you inside the Digital Photo Wizard Club...

With that said, I'm proud to welcome you aboard...


What's Included In Your

Membership - Waiting For

You Inside...




We're opening with a BIG BANG!

As a member you have immediate access to the following video tutorials, plus you get to enjoy weekly releases with new cool content helping you take even better photos! We've opened the doors to the Digital Photo Wizard Club March 17 2019, and we're updating with new content once a week plus with extra releases during launch!


Waiting for you inside right now:


Capturing Water With Various Shutter Speeds - 10 min 34 sec - Oct 19 2019

In today's video we're going to explore a few photos and  talk about when it's appropriate with a slow versus fast shutter speed, and also, when it's good to use something in between. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Dual Color Magic - 9 min 11 sec - Oct 13 2019

When we limit the amount of colors in the frame, we create more balanced photos that feel more pleasant to watch, with less distractions and more harmony. In today's video, we're taking a look at a few photos that follow this rule, and also examine a cool way of deciding what color-pairs to choose using a Photoshop tool. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Taking Still Photos With A Video Camera - 10 min 10 sec - Oct 5 2019

There are tremendous benefits "taking" still photos using a video camera. Some still cameras have a video function, like the Nikon D90, but you can also use any modern HD video camera, or even a smart-phone. Learn why this is so useful, plus an extra cool feature that most people miss. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

How The Camera Can Alter Poses And Change How We Perceive Body Parts - 11 min 40 sec - Sept 29 2019

In today's video we're going to use a 3D software, DAZ Studio, to illustrate how a camera can literally alter the pose of our female 3D model, and also, how it can dramatically change how we perceive body parts. The same happens with a real camera. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Going Crazy With A Wide Angle Lens - 14 min 28 sec - Sept 21 2019

In today's video we're going to use a 3D software, DAZ Studio, to illustrate how a 20 mm wide angle lens be used for extreme framing and lots of drama. We're virtually walking around with our 3D camera, while pointing out a few really cool ideas and concepts that only work with wide angle lenses. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

3 Tips For Better Female Photos - 10 min 23 sec - Sept 15 2019

The female body is by many considered the most beautiful shape of the two genders, but even a perfect body can look awkward when you play the angles wrong. In this video, you'll discover 3 easy and quick tips for making your female photos look much better. It's all about angles and illusions! With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

3 Secrets To Great Photos - 6 min 16 sec - Sept 7 2019

Professional photographers often seem impossible to reach. They're somehow on a higher level. But are they really? Or are they doing something "simple" that most people don't, in order to really get where they are, flashy hardware aside? With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

The Power Of A Zoomed In Background - 18 min 52 sec - Aug 31 2019

In today's video we're going to have a lot of fun exploring what's going on behind the subject. It's like a whole new world opens up when you understand how powerful background framing is, and how it can dramatically enhance your photos. We're first taking a look at some photos online, followed with a live and interactive session inside DAZ Studio, where a real 3D scene will be used for showcasing how the background behaves behind our female model.  With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

White Balance Magic - 17 min 55 sec - Aug 24 2019

White balance is how the camera perceives colors. Since different light sources have different temperatures, it's important to use the correct white balance. Or not! In this video, we're going to dive into the magic of white balance, how to use it on the camera, how to modify it in Photoshop and frankly how to use the wrong color balance to your advantage. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Making The Environment Dominate - 10 min - Aug 17 2019

In today's video we're taking a look at some great photos, and some creative ways of letting the environment take over and dominate the frame. It can have a deep psychological effect, and we're going to cover the 3 things that matter the most when framing for environment domination. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Intro To Fill Flash Photography - 9 min 50 sec - Aug 10 2019

Fill Flash Photography is the art of adding extra light with your flash, without overpowering the main light source, for instance the sun. In this video we're going to take a look at a few photos, and also how you can do this type of effect, even if your flash's intensity cannot be adjusted manually. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Intro To Lenses - 27 min 56 sec - Aug 3 2019

In today's video we're going to examine a few photos taken with 3 different lenses. A wide angle 10-20 mm, a standard 18-70 mm lens and a telephoto 70-300 mm lens. Learn how they differ, what makes a lens more versatile, how to tell if a lens is low quality (cheap), or high quality (expensive) and what works best for you. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Intro To 360 Photos - 18 min 50 sec - July 27 2019

Discover the two ways that I've been using for creating hundreds of HDRI maps. See how Insta 360 One X camera photos look like compared to 24 stitched photos shot with a Nikon D80, the latter producing 12k 360 images. Quick intro to PTGUI and how stitching works. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Tips For Taking Better Flower Photos And Enhancing Flower Photos In Photoshop - 14 min 17 sec - July 20 2019

In today's video we're going to take a look at a few newly taken flower photos, talk about a few very important aspects that makes or breaks flower photos as well as Photoshop filters and techniques for enhancing your garden darlings... With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Live Demo - Speedlight SB800 TTL Flash - 7 min 32 sec - July 14 2019

In today's video we're doing a live demo of a speedlight SB800 TTL flash mounted on a Nikon D80 camera. We're going through various settings and rotations of the flash head, and how the light differs despite being mounted to the same camera. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Shooting In Harsh Sunlight - 8 min 37 sec - July 7 2019

Facing harsh sunlight can be lots of fun and creative, but when it comes to boudoir or female photography, it's better to be avoided or at least "tweaked". In this video, we're taking a look at some stills from a video by Michael Sasser, LA's best Boudoir Photographer, and adding some valuable tips in order to give you creative tools and options when facing strong sunlight. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Re-cropping Your Photos - 14 min 50 sec - June 29 2019

Re-cropping is useful for zooming in and changing how you perceive your photos. You can zoom in on details, but also zoom out, showing more than you actually shot on location. In this video, you'll learn some strategies as well as tools for zooming in and out of your photos, and re-cropping them properly, so they look professional. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Under- And Over-Exposure Formula - 19 min 55 sec - June 23 2019

Much like our eyes, a photo camera can only capture a narrow spectrum of light. When facing strong sun light, we're often getting everything else in the photo underexposed, and vice versa, when there's little sun light, everything appears normal, while the sun light overexposed. Learn how to deal with this using a specific formula, as well as some lighting conditions to think about. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Intro To TTL SB-800 Flash - 7 min 18 sec - June 16 2019

Built in camera flashes will in most cases not produce what is considered pretty lighting. With a TTL flash like the SB-800, you can suddenly aim and diffuse / soften the light and control its intensity, plus mix it with other light sources. It opens up for a whole new world of creative photos. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Adobe Lightroom Develop Mode - Part 2 - 6 min 50 sec - June 8 2019

Using the Lightroom's develop feature lets you adjust our images and photos in all kinds of ways, making them pop like never before. In part 2, we're taking a deeper look at some of its features. With Jason White from 2Create.

How To Remove Unwanted Objects Using Photoshop - 4 min 59 sec - June 1 2019

When taking photos, we cannot always control what's happening in front of the camera. In today's video, you'll learn 3 quick and easy methods to remove unwanted objects using Photoshop. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Adobe Lightroom Develop Mode - Part 1 - 7 min 27 sec - May 26 2019

Using the Lightroom's develop feature lets you adjust our images and photos in all kinds of ways, making them pop like never before. With Jason White from 2Create.

Adobe Lightroom Library Basics - 8 min 54 sec - May 18 2019

Lightroom has some cool features that make accessing its library much easier. This certainly helps when you have to deal with hundreds or even thousands of digital photos. With Jason White from 2Create.

Importing Photos Into Lightroom - 5 min 31 sec - May 11 2019

Get your photos organized the right way, and learn some useful features in Lightroom that make importing your photos a breeze. With Jason White from 2Create.

3 Tips For More Professional Pet And Animal Photos - 8 min 47 sec - May 4 2019

Whether you're trying to get better photos of your dog, cat or horse, there are 3 things that will either make or break your photos. With PRO Pet And Animal Photographer Susan M. Carter.

Explaining ISO - 5 min 29 sec - April 27 2019

What is the ISO setting anyway and how can you use it to your advantage when taking photos? In this video, you'll learn the basics of this useful setting. With Jason White from 2Create.

Creating Depth Outdoors - 6 min 18 sec - April 20 2019

Using simple techniques, learn how to create extra depth when framing your photos outdoors. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Basic Camera Framing Outdoors - 6 min 28 sec - April 14 2019

When being outdoors, you have lots of camera framing possibilities, since you can move around almost freely. In this video, you'll learn a few key concepts when it comes to framing objects & scenery outdoors, so that you'll make your photos look more interesting. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Explaining Shutter Speed - 2 min 55 sec - April 7 2019

What is shutter speed and how can you use it to your advantage when taking photos? In this video, you'll discover the basics of shutter speed settings and what it means for various effects in your photos. With Jason White from 2Create.

Quick Wildlife Tips - 12 min 56 sec - March 31 2019

Taking photos of animals can be lots of fun, but it can also be quite frustrating. Learn some fascinating camera and postwork techniques to capture those perfect moments, whether it's an animal that's still, or a moving one. With Tyson Smith.

3 Key Concepts To Glamour Photography - 5 min 44 sec - March 23 2019

In this video we're going to take a closer look at glamour photography, and what makes it tick. Ever since the golden age of Hollywood, we've been amazed by beautiful female and male models. But what it is really that makes glamour photos stand out and make an impact? With M. Scott Eliason.

Explaining Aperture - 4 min 28 sec - March 17 2019

What is really aperture and how can you use it to your advantage when taking photos? In this video, you'll discover the basics of aperture settings and what it means for various effects in your photos. With Jason White from 2Create.

Intro To Digital Cameras - 5 min 59 sec - March 17 2019

In this video, we're gently introducing some of the the basic options and features of a digital camera. With Jason White from 2Create.

Basic Lighting Principles - 7 min 22 sec - March 16 2019

Lighting is a huge topic, and it's easy to get lost in all the information, techniques and possibilities plus creative tricks. If you're just starting out, it can be handy to lean upon the most simple lighting concept ever invented, that works both indoors and outdoors. In this video, we're going over a few photos while revealing what this concept is and how you can use it on your own. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Mid-Height Camera Secrets - 3 min 46 sec - March 14 2019

In this video, we're going to be exploring a few photos and why placing the camera on the same height as your subject has such a huge impact when taking photos of animals and people. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Removing Unwanted Bounce Damage Using Photoshop - 4 min 23 sec - March 14 2019

When facing very strong light conditions, at times, we may get an incredibly strong bounce light effect that damages and tints the main subject. In this video, you're going to learn how to remove that using Photoshop, while preserving the colors where they're needed and wanted. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Fixing An Overexposed Sky Using Photoshop - 3 min 59 sec - March 14 2019

Sometimes when you take photos, you'll experience that some areas are overexposed, while other look great or normal. In this video, you'll learn how to fix overexposed areas using dual photos and Photoshop. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Playing With Sunlight Angle And Shadows - 8 min 39 sec - March 14 2019

While we cannot physically move the sun and control its shadows, we can move our camera. In this fun video, we're going to be examining a few photos, and discover how the camera angle effects the sunlight and its shadows from more dramatic lighting. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.


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BONUSES Included 100% FREE When You Join Today:


1,600 Royalty Free Photos - March 14 2019

Download this huge package of completely royalty free and use it for your commercial or non-commercial projects or why not play in Photoshop.

Intro To Photoshop CS - 31 min 36 sec - March 14 2019

Photoshop is the world leading photo and image editing software. In this video, you'll learn the very basics so you can quickly navigate through the menus, using the most common tools. This is a video from our syster-club 3D Female Art Club. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Creating Advanced Landscape Fog In Photoshop - 14 min 19 sec - March 14 2019

In this video tutorial you'll learn how to create mystical and magical landscape fog inside Photoshop. This effect can be used both indoors and outdoors, with scenes where there is lots of depth. This video is from our syster-club; 3D Sci-fi Fantasy Art Club. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Adding A Planet To A Landscape Photo - 12 min 44 sec - March 14 2019

Modifying photos is an important aspect of the whole experience. In this video, you'll learn how to add a distant planet to a photo, and the three important parts of this illusion using Photoshop CC. This video is from our syster-club; 3D Sci-fi Fantasy Art Club. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Enhancing Skin In Photoshop - 12 min 35 sec - March 14 2019

Did you know you can make the female skin POP like crazy using a simple Photoshop tool? In this video, you'll see how this quick and easy tool literally makes the skin look like sculpted. This is a video from our syster-club 3D Female Art Club. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

Re-sculpting The Female Body Using External Tools - 13 min 14 sec - March 14 2019

There are tools out there that most artists are not even aware of. In this video, you'll see me adjust a photo live and interactive, using an incredible tool you can test-drive for free. This is a video from our syster-club 3D Female Art Club. With Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

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Photos by M. Scott Eliason



Pick The Minds Of Some

Of The Coolest Digital

Photographers And Artists




If you want to take better digital photos, you need to learn from photographers that have long experience and that take both you and teaching seriously...  Inside the Digital Photo Wizard Club, you'll experience a unique blend of a welcoming attitude as well as a serious and professional tone mixed with fun video tutorials that will help you take better photos and create postwork that makes your images POP in no time.

Treating you with respect and helping you achieve better artistic skills is our main mission.

We know what we're doing, we've been doing it for a long time, and our track record proves it. Our motto is: We all grow each day, learn new things and love to share what we learn along the way...

Our teachers are waiting to help you inside right now:



Val Cameron, CEO and founder, Dreamlight 

Val is a digital art teacher and mentor, having helped thousands of 3D and 2D artists create better art since 2005.  He has created over 300+ video tutorials and is well known and respected for his calm, creative and patient teaching style. He is a bestselling DAZ 3D Published Artist. 

With his 20 years in the adult movie industry in the US and Europe, his vast experience behind the camera and video editing brings a unique flavor to the digital art community. Val is literally born with a camera in his hand, and has spent years as a young kid taking photos of everything around him.

He loves also loves American cars, entrepreneurialship, nature, animals, computer games and supports homeless dogs with his spouse.


Jason White from 2Create 

Jason is an Art Director for a Swedish Advertising agency, working across a broad spectrum of media. He specializes in 3D and Motion graphics, Photography and Retouching. Jason has worked in the graphic arts industry for over 25 years.

He is a confirmed “petrol head” and enjoys tinkering in the garage, skiing and photography.

Tonnie Wolfe - Photoshop Expert

Tonnie has 12 years of experience with Photoshop postwork. She enjoys combining her 3D figures with other materials and images in Photoshop to express visual stories or concepts. 

As an accomplished fiber artist, Tonnie learned to work in layers, using color and texture as her primary elements. These have carried over into her digital art.

Now that she is retired from a career as a nurse case manager for families and children, Tonnie works daily in her studio. She has taught fiber art classes for many years and now looks forward to sharing digital skills that enable club members to express their unique creative vision.




Top photo by Jason White from 2Create. Bottom photos by M. Scott Eliason



What You'll Get

And Learn As A Member Of The

Digital Photo Wizard Club




As a member of our exclusive Digital Photo Wizard Club, you'll get everything you need to start taking better digital photos and enhancing them using both simple, fast as well as advanced postwork using a variety of different applications.
  • Weekly content releases

  • Access to a dedicated Facebook group where you can ask questions, meet likeminded photographers, share your work and get inspired (coming in April)

  • Gain ultra confidence and bring your visions to the screen much easier than ever before

  • Learn portrait, landscape, glamour and other types of photography

  • Camera placing and framing

  • Learn all basic and avanced camera settings

  • How to take photos indoors, outdoors and in all kinds of situations

  • Master lighting, light types, shadows and flashes

  • What cameras to use at various stages of your journey

  • Learn how to take pro photos using normal cameras, more advanced system cameras and even smart-phones

  • Welcoming and friendly atmosphere

  • Learn how to apply instant filters to make your photos stand out and look more professional

  • Get free photos to play with

  • Learn to use various tools and software

  • How to create amazing postwork that will make your photos POP 

  • Multiple teaches with different teaching styles, so that you can quickly find "your way"...

...and more!  





Top photo by Jason White from 2Create. Bottom photos by Val Cameron from Dreamlight


Q / A Section


Here's a selection of some of the most common questions and answers. We don't want to let anything stop you from being becoming a member in our amazing community:


Q1: When I join at $10 /Month, are there any extra fees, or will the price go up?

A1: Your membership simply costs $10 every month and will remain at that level for as long as your membership stays active, even if / when the price goes up in near future.

Q2: How do I access the videos and material?

A2: The club has a member's area where you can browse all the content and download the ZIP files for each of the videos or products that you want to view or access. Once downloaded, you can keep the content forever.

Q3: What format and resolution are the videos?

A3: The videos are in WMV or MP4 format, 1600 x 900 and 1920 x 1080 HD Quality, delivered as downloadable ZIP files.

Q4: I don't even have camera yet, can I still join?

A4: Absolutely! We'll show you what cameras to get, and besides, you can start on the other end of the spectrum and start touching up images using free software, such as the Gimp.

Q5: I don't have a pro camera, will I still benefit from the club?

A5: YES! This club will teach you a broad aspect of taking photos, so that you can apply that to any camera, even smart-phones.

Q6: Can I use a different other than Photoshop for postwork?

A6: Yes, we'll showcase and teach various applications for postwork and filters both on PC and on smartphones.

Q7: Will this really work for me? I've seen so many tutorials before and all I got was more confused...

A7: You're in good hands. Dreamlight has been teaching digital artists since 2005 and this club is created with simplicity in mind. You'll browse the topics that interest you, watch the videos and implement what you learn and see the benefits immediately without wading through hours of tutorials.

Q8: Can I cancel my membership at any time?

A8: YES, you can! Should you need to take a break, or simply cancel your membership, you can do so from within your epoch account. Once cancelled, our membership software will cancel your active subscription, but keep your account so you can re-join at any time. Please note that the $10 deal may not be available after launch. Once you cancel your membership, you cannot rejoin at $10, unless the $10 is available.

Q9: If I cancel, can I still access and keep the content that I've downloaded?

A9: You most certainly can!

Q10: Do you offer any annual / 3-months memberships?

A10: No, at this time we offer only a single monthly membership, and we do not plan on offering a yearly membership. There might be a 3-months membership coming down the road, but we're not there yet, and it's not for certain.

Q11: How often will the club get updated?

A11: Once each week.

Q12: Do you offer any refunds?

A12: Normally, we do. Unfortunately in this case, we don't. Because of the nature of this club, with the incredible value it has, and keeps growing each week, we do not offer any refunds. Therefore, all sales are final. This includes all items in the club, even if you bought them individually prior to joining the club. A membership in this club overrides any refunds for any previous purchases. For instance, you can't get everything at $10, then ask for a $90 refund for items that are inside the club, but that you purchased before joining. If anything inside this club is already something that you have, then you need to make a decision as to if $10 / month (or any current price) is worth getting all other content that you don't have and getting some of the content again. Please double check, since there are no refunds. You can cancel your membership at any time and keep any downloaded content for your trouble. Just a fun fact: During our 13 years teaching digital art to students, we've experienced an incredibly low 0.1%, that's 1/10th of 1 percent refund rate. Some industries have as much as 10%! That's how confident we are you will like what's inside!


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Photo by Tyler Loukatos



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